What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Published by Teresa Milner, Wealth Advisor

Ladies, let’s talk about money. Are you comfortable discussing money? Do you shy away from a conversation regarding your money because you feel you’re not smart enough to talk about it? Do you lack the confidence to discuss money matters? Are you afraid to ask for help?

Generally speaking, women carry the stigma of being nurturing, kind, caring and feminine. Talking about money is often referred to as being masculine and macho. Ladies – it’s time to embrace asking for help, build your confidence in money matters and get educated on financial literacy. Don’t be self-limiting, be smart about your money and be prepared for what comes your way. Make your financial health a priority!

Education is key. If you’re in college, take a personal finance class. Not in college and still eager to learn — financial literacy education opportunities are all around you — local colleges, online classes, books, podcasts, blogs, local library, etc. Carson Wealth even has a whitepaper that will take you “back to the basics” here.

Embrace asking for help and don’t view it as a weakness. Asking for financial planning help gets you used to talking about money. Don’t bury your head, learn how to protect and preserve your financial health and well-being.

Below is a list of a few reasons why women should make their financial health a priority:

1.  We live longer.

2.  We still earn less than males.

3.  We take more breaks from work; i.e. taking care of aging parents, giving birth to children, taking time to raise children, etc.

4.  We save more money, but because we earn less, we have smaller savings.

5. 90% of females will be single at some point in their life*.

Good financial health will impact your mind and body positively. Make money matters enjoyable by taking a bigger role in it. Your financial health and confidence with finances needs to be a priority — get educated and GET IN THE GAME!

The year I turned 40, I became suddenly single again. My financial health was a mess. I thought I was being taken care of. Big mistake on my part. That’s when I decided to get educated, learn as much as I could about finances and get myself financially healthy. My passion is to help as many women as I can get their financial lives in order so they can look to their future with a confident smile!


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