Your AFS Planning Calendar

A collaborative roadmap to guide us on our journey.

Inspired by our promise to be your go-to financial partner and built with input from our Virtual Family Office clients, our planning calendar is your helpful visual aid to the meetings, deliverables, and joy-bringing we’re sending your way all year long.

Highlights for our Virtual Family Office clients:

  • Bookend the year with key strategy meetings: financial planning (Spring) and tax planning (Fall)
  • Meaningful deliverables provided in an easy-to-read and easy-to-take-action format
  • Ability to share and coordinate strategies with other members of your planning team
  • Helpful reminders and timely education for age and date-based deadlines
  • Effortlessly schedule conversations for updates, opportunities, and life events
  • …and all in addition to the ongoing interactions you’ve come to expect from us (monthly statements, Live Life Retire Right newsletter, weekly updates to our AFS Insights Page, educational webinars, etc.)