Our Story

Our guiding principle is simple: Be honest, be kind, be honorable, work hard, and always be awesome.


Founded in 1996 by Kevin W. Albritton, AFS has grown to become an award-winning firm serving an exclusive group of business owners and wealthy families across the country. Along the way, we successfully became a second-generation family business lead by Kevin’s son, Neal (Lead Advisor & Joy Bringer), and tirelessly supported by Neal’s wife Allyn (Chief of Staff) and our amazing Client Care Team made up of Jennifer Lederman (the real Big Cheese to this operation) and Eric Beeler (Associate Wealth Advisor).

Albritton team

Our Personal Side


As we take this journey together, the conversation can get pretty deep at times. Before asking you any personal questions, we thought we’d go first and share with you some fun details along with our professional background. We hope this gives you a glimpse into our lives outside of AFS. Enjoy laughing!

Kevin and Linda met at Saint Louis University when Kevin was pre-Med and Linda was pre-Law. Obviously, plans changed a year after they got married and Linda discovered she was pregnant with their first child, Neal.

Kevin and Linda have two children, Neal and Kate. Kate will tell you they stopped after her because they had found “perfection,” but Neal will say it’s because Kate scared them from ever making a mistake like her again. You know, sibling stuff.

Neal’s career path after college lead him to gain valuable industry experience and climb the corporate ladder with a financial firm in Georgia. In 2007 Kevin invited Neal to return to St. Louis and learn the family business at Albritton Financial Services.

Neal and Allyn met as kids when their fathers worked together. It would take eight years before they actually accepted that their parents had arranged their marriage for them at birth.

Today, Kevin and Linda enjoy traveling and embarrassing their children. Even with two children in the family business, Kevin maintains that his greatest pride and joy remains his dog, Eddy.

Neal and Allyn welcome any recommendations you have about hiking trails they just HAVE to see and enjoy badgering one another about books the other should read. Most evenings you can find them trying a new restaurant or spending time with their friends.