Wealth Management Services

To control your life and legacy, you need an advisor and a plan. That’s what we do; we advise, and we plan.

But at AFS, we don’t cut and paste plans from a library of templates. We tailor a plan that reflects your vision, protects your interests, and evolves as your needs and wishes change.

We operate as a Virtual Family Office, so we collaborate with you and a team of hand-selected professionals – CPAs, estate attorneys, P&C insurance specialists, etcetera – that support your goals to maximize productivity, minimize conflict, avoid surprises, and save you time. If you are happy with your current professional team, we invite them to the table; the ultimate goal is for you to be surrounded by an experienced team working in tandem on your behalf.

Portfolio Management

Our team follows a disciplined, proven process when it comes to managing your investments.  Learn More

Wealth Planning

Our Wealth Advisors and Wealth Enhancement Group are comprised of a team of experienced financial professionals adept at developing elite wealth plans designed to meet your unique needs.  Learn more


Risk Management

Your elite Wealth Advisor works seamlessly with a knowledgeable team of Insurance Specialists to identify risk exposure, in order to minimize potential damage of an unexpected life event. Learn more


Estate Planning

Your Wealth Advisor, Wealth Enhancement Group, and professional partners can help you with your estate planning needs and formalize your wishes. Learn more


Tax Planning

Our team of CPAs can help you with your advanced tax planning needs.  Learn more